A Message to OTTD

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A Message to OTTD

Post by steph on Sat Jun 18, 2016 2:36 pm

Hello everyone, it's me Tomoko!

 Recently, I have heard from a friend that RTcity was banned for good from OTTD.

 After my own ban, RTcity started to talk to me via Skype because he wanted to further diminish me. I got used to it, and instead of starting shit, he kept sending me Gawker links and essays about Hilary Clinton.

 Anyways, I established a sort of "pseudo-acquaintance" with him, if thats what you want to call it. I eventually told him to start stirring up some drama on OTTD by arguing with Room, who happens to be more of an idiot than anyone else. Room, being the retard that he is, fell for the bait and argued with RT.

 Eventually, you guys did or said something that made him snap, and took things too serious. He told me that he was sending a litigation and began to blame me for why OTTD has always hated him.

 Direct quote from RTcity himself:

 "if it wasnt for you being a bitch, i would seriously be running OTTD but now everyone hates me because they are a bunch of fucking retards who cant manage to act like a fucking human being"


 "and fuck you, you can bitch back to marissa for all i care (oh wait never mind), i am sending the litigation because otherwise nothing happens and people will continue to fucking mess with me"

 So I tried to get him to back down from sending a litigation, but he still did it. He thinks that reason why he's so unpopular is because of fucking me, and now his online life is like a fucking anime. Sorry if I couldn't get him to back down, and judging by how angry he is, he'll probably send more litigations and continue to blame me for stuff that happened before I even met you guys. You guys at OTTD did a good thing by banning him, good riddance.

 Love and kisses, Tomoko!

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